By Britt Rasmussen

Wave is a new and playful way of thinking storage. The idea of Wave is to create a piece of furniture that is sculptural and involves the user.
The inspiration comes from how Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen
took existing materials and used them in different ways; – but instead
of plastic and plywood, I have used felt and mixed it with plywood.
Wave is a flexible piece of furniture that will change as you use it.
It invites the user to create spaces and to reshape Wave with the objects that are put into it.

By Michael Daae Christensen

Eclipse is a felt lamp that invites the user to interact with the product.
It has a natural light dimmer that lets you control
how much light you want. When turned one way,
the different layers of felt will open up and reveal light.
When turned the other way it will close and shut off the light.
The inspiration comes from classic Danish design, form follows
function, and the way Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen took
an existing material and used it in a different way.

The Designers

Britt Rasmussen & Michael Daae Christensen